Our Tech

Our Tech

We’re hat experts. Lovers of the great outdoors. And we tinker until we get it right.

We know what it’s like out there, so we design our hats to be good companions for your adventures on or off trail, in the garden, out on the water, on the street, and in the sun. Wherever your path leads—whether it’s pushing the limits or simply passing the time—our designs and technologies will take you there in style and comfort.

Key Features

The sun! Celestial ball of light and warmth! It's hard to beat the enjoyment of a day in the sun, unless it's a day spent in the shady pleasantness of a UPF 50+ hat. A rating of UPF 50+ is the highest sun protective rating achievable and means only 1/50th or less of UV rays are able to pass through, allowing you to diminish the sun, not the fun!

What's better than a rainy day? A rainy day with a waterproof hat, of course. Better visibility than a hood and way more dry and comfortable than wet head. So don't let the weather get in the way of a good adventure. Get a waterproof hat and keep the rain off.

Get yourself a warm hat and hold out hope for a long and snowy winter—let it snow!

Don't shake off a great pair of shades. Lock your sunglasses in place with these clever integrated sleeves and never lose another pair. When they're not on your face, you'll know right where to find them.

Wear it on your head. Stick it in your pocket. The amazing, space-saving folding brim engineered for life by the seat of your pants.

Bring on the cold and bring out the flaps! Convertible up-down earflaps let you respond to Mother Nature's most fickle whims with ear-warming awesomeness at a moment's notice.

Hold your hat on, but don't let it hold on to you! The SmartStrap™ keeps your hat in place, but will break away safely if given a good tug.

Hot heads rejoice! Finally it's OK to flip your lid again. Our Convertible Ventilation flaps allow you to easily go from full coverage to fantastic air-flow. Breeze easy, friends.