Men's Sun Hats with Back Flap

Stay cool in warm weather with a men’s hat with neck flap from Sunday Afternoons. These hats provide an unmatched level of sun protection, keeping your face, ears, and neck safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

What is the best hat for sun protection?

A men’s hat with a neck flap provides you with daily sun protection. Whether it’s blistering hot or partly cloudy, our hats with neck shields protect your face, ears, and neck from UV damage. Most Sunday Afternoons hats feature a UPF 50+ sun rating, meaning the fabric blocks out 98% of the sun’s rays. Shop our men’s sun hats to find headwear that can help you keep cool in the sunshine.

Can neck cape hats get wet?

Our men’s hats with neck protection are designed with lightweight fast drying materials and feature a water resistant finish. Many also float, thanks to their foam core brims. All of our men’s neck cape hats feature outstanding performance in and around water. For more details on the water-resistant features of a particular hat, please review the “Features & Specs” tab on the item’s product page.

What activities can I use my neck cape hat for?

Our hats with neck flaps for men are suited for a wide variety of outdoor activities. A men’s hat with a neck shield is appropriate for activities that demand superior sun protection, like:

  • Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Backpacking
  • Gardening
  • SUPing
  • Walking

These are just some of the activities where a men’s hat with a neck flap might come in handy. Like our men’s casual hats, they’re also versatile enough for a day out around town.

What colors do neck cape hats come in?

Our men’s hats with flaps come in numerous different colors, patterns, and styles. Whether you’re looking for a hat that’s a neutral gray or a bright teal, we’ve got you covered. Shop our collection of men’s outdoor hats to find the perfect headwear for your next adventure.