Earflap Hats

How do I wear an earflap hat?

Most of our earflap hats can be worn with the earflaps either up or down, for more versatility and style. For our styles with braided tassels, you can also tie the braided tassels for a more secure fit. These earflap hats also have adjustable sizing, so you know they'll fit great no matter what.

What styles of earflap hats are there?

We have a variety of earflap hats for you to choose from! Whether you want a chin strap, buttons to fold-up the earflaps, braided tassels, or more of just a standard cap with earflaps, we have it all. We also offer several earflap hats for both kids and infants, so you can take care of anyone and keep their ears nice and warm.

Will an earflap hat fit my head?

Our earflap hats come with adjustable sizing, so you can feel confident the fit will work. We also offer styles with braided tassels that you can tie to get a more secure fit. Check the sizing chart on each earflap hat's product page for more detail.

What materials are your earflap hats made from?

Our earflap hats are made from a variety of materials, so you can choose your favorite. Whether you prefer a wool/acrylic blend, breathable fleece, or windproof fleece, we've got you covered. If you find a hat you love, just check out the Features & Specs section of the page to find out what materials that particular earflap hat is made from.