Men's Wide Brim Hats

Whether you’re fly fishing, trekking, or just working in the yard, you need a wide brim hat that offers superior protection without compromising style. Our wide brim hats feature adjustable sizing, UPF 50+ sun protection and a variety of styling options to suit your needs outdoors.

What Fabric Is Used In Wide Brim Hats for Men?

Many men’s wide brim sun hats are made with lightweight nylon, polyester, or a mixture of both to ensure maximum protection and breathability. We also carry straw hats for men that are made with 100% natural straw. Whatever style you decide, our wide brim hats have a UPF 50+ sun rating and will protect you from the elements wherever you go.

Can You Wear Wide Brim Hats for Men Year Round?

Yes! Whether you’re out in the sun or work in windier, wetter climates, a wide brim hat will provide year-round protection. We make sure a little rain won’t slow you down by using waterproof and breathable fabrics so you can stay outdoors longer.

Felt hats for men also protect you from sun, cold and wet weather. Made with 100% wool, felt hats repel water and are naturally antimicrobial. A stylish felt hat looks good without sacrificing functionality. That’s a win-win.

Are Wide Brim Hats for Men Lightweight?

Our men’s wide brim hats are lightweight, breathable, extremely durable and have a lifetime guarantee. We’ll gladly replace or repair any hat with a defect, free.

Are Men’s Brim Hats Available in Different Sizes?

Our selection of wide brim hats for men are completely adjustable, so you’re guaranteed a perfect fit. From men’s caps to wide brim hats, simply pick your size and use the one- handed adjuster to fine-tune it to your liking. The best part is that it won’t lose its shape in the process.

For windy conditions, many of our wide brim hats also include a convenient, adjustable chin strap. Whether you’re going on a hike, a morning walk, or a day-trip with friends, your men’s wide brim hat will fit snugly and stay on.