Sunglass Lock Hats

Need a stylish hat that pairs well with your favorite sunglasses? We can help! Shop our collection to find a hat with a sunglasses holder that allows you to securely store your shades on a sunny day.

Hats for Sunglasses FAQs

How do sunglass hats keep my glasses on?

Sunday Afternoons patented Sunglass Lock™ system is featured on many of our most popular hats. Our Sunglass Lock™ technology features two narrow pockets on both sides of the hat which hold the arms of your sunglasses in place. Once your sunglass arms are inserted into the Sunglass Lock™ pockets, they stay in place securely so you do not have to worry about your sunglasses falling off of your head while wearing the hat.

What styles do sunglass hats come in?

We have a wide array of different sunglass hats to choose from. We offer a number of UPF 50+ wide-brimmed hats that you can wear during sunny hikes, as well as lightweight visor caps that you can use for a day on the tennis courts. Whatever your needs, you’re sure to find a hat with a sunglasses holder in our collection.

Where can I wear my hat with a sunglasses holder?

Ultimately the answer is up to you! Sunday Afternoons designs premium hats for all of life’s adventures. Many of our hats for sunglasses would be great companions on a summer camping trip at the lake. Or, you could simply wear your hat with a sunglasses holder while running errands outdoors on an especially bright day. Our hats & caps are great for all kinds of different occasions.

What styles of hats for sunglasses are there?

We offer hats for sunglasses in a variety of unique styles. If you need a hat for an especially sunny day, then you might want to put on a hat with a neck flap. If you’re heading out for a day on the water, we suggest equipping yourself with a good boating hat. Or, if you just want a sunglass hat for casual use, we offer breathable trucker caps in a variety of colors.