Men's Bucket Hats

Sunday Afternoons offers a selection of high-quality men’s bucket hats designed for durability and comfort, no matter the adventure. Wherever you’re going, our bucket hats are guaranteed to last.

What colors do men’s bucket hats come in?

Sunday Afternoons men’s bucket hats come in a variety of colors, so you can find what suits you and the occasion. While browsing our men’s bucket hats, click through the different colors to see what each one looks like.

Are men’s bucket hats comfortable?

Yes! Fit and comfort of our men’s bucket hats are extremely important. We make all of our bucket hats out of breathable, lightweight materials, so you never feel overburdened by your headwear. Additionally, we want to make sure that your hat fits comfortably, no matter your head size or shape. That’s why we make our men’s bucket hats with adjustable sizing.

Are bucket hats for men waterproof?

We offer waterproof hats in a variety of colors and styles. Browse our men’s rain hats to find a bucket hat for inclement, rainy weather. All of our men’s rain hats are 100% waterproof to help keep your head dry and warm, so you can stay outdoors longer.

Are men’s bucket hats sun-protective?

Featuring wide brims, Sunday Afternoons men’s bucket hats offer wide brim UPF 50+ sun protection and much-needed shade on a hot, sunny day. If you’re looking for a bucket hat that’s designed to protect you from the sun, look no further than our sun-protective bucket hats. You should have no problem finding a bucket hat for men in our collection that both suits your style and keeps you cool in the heat. Combine one of our men’s bucket hats with sun-protective arm sleeves for the ultimate protection from harmful UV rays.