Waterproof Hats

Waterproof hats from Sunday Afternoons will help you brave any storm, so you can enjoy your next adventure no matter what. Our selection of waterproof hats includes a classic ball cap style as well as a variety of wide brim hat styles that feature downsloping brims and chin strap for more intense weather conditions. Our waterproof hats are packable, offer UPF 50+ sun protection and of course protects from the rain.

How waterproof are your hats?

Our waterproof hats are 100% waterproof. They feature a high-quality waterproof/breathable fabric seam-sealing technology and a PFAS free durable water repellent finish to guarantee that rain can't penetrate. Some styles also offer efficient ways of deflecting rain away from your body with wide downsloping brims, so you can stay dry in the roughest conditions.

Are waterproof hats adjustable?

All of our waterproof hats offer adjustable sizing for a comfortable and secure fit. Our wide brims styles also feature chinstrap which will help keep your hat on when the wind picks up. You can rest assured that your waterproof hat will not only keep your head dry, but will also fit comfortably on your head all day long.

Do your waterproof hats provide sun protection too?

Our waterproof rain hats all feature UPF 50+ sun protection (the highest rating acheivable) so harmful UVA and UVB rays won't penetrate the hat's fabric or reach your head. In addition, all of our waterproof hats feature a brim to protect your face and eyes from the sun. It's a common misconception that UV rays are not as strong on cloudy or rainy days, so stay protected no matter the forecast with a Sunday Afternoons hat.

Can I wash my waterproof hat?

In order to keep your waterproof hat in tip-top shape, you'll need to hand wash it under cold water to preserve the quality. You'll also want to line dry it and avoid ironing and dry cleaning. Take a look at each product page or inside the label of your waterproof hat for information on caring for your waterproof hat.