Men's Fedora Hats

Combining style with high-quality materials, our men’s fedora hats will keep you comfortable and looking great. Whether you’re going to a national park or planning a tropical vacation, these men’s fedoras are suited for every adventure.

What material are men’s fedoras made of?

Our fedora hats for men come in a variety of different materials, each one offering benefits, depending on the weather and destination. For example, if you plan on weathering the elements, then you might pick up one of our men’s fedoras made specifically for use in wet weather. Or, if you’re planning to hit the beach, we have fedoras made from lightweight paper/poly braid as well as straw hats for men designed for breathability and comfort with an effortless style.

For a casual look, we also have men’s fedora hats made from 100% wool felt. Check out the stylish fedoras we offer and other men’s felt hats when you shop our collection.

Can I travel with my men’s fedora?

Of course! We design our fedora hats for men so that they’re easy to stow away and travel easily. For specific packing instructions, select a specific style on our website and click on the “Care & Content” tab.

How do I style my fedora hat for men?

Men’s fedoras are a versatile accessory and easily pair with casual and formal outfits. Our Havana Hat goes well with a tee- shirt and shorts for a relaxing day at the beach. For a more dressed-up look, our Jasper Hat feels at home with a button-down, a cardigan, and khakis.

Are fedora hats for men ventilated?

Our men’s fedoras and men’s wide brim hats are constructed with the most breathable materials available. Additionally, all of our hats feature adjustable sizing for the perfect fit.

Our goal is always to optimize comfort without sacrificing style. If you’re looking for a hat that offers superior breathability and ventilation, look no further than our men’s visors.