Women's Sun Visor Hats

Women’s visor hats are the perfect accessory for when you want comfortable sun protection on-the-go. Whether you’re hiking, traveling, gardening or just taking it easy, our visor hats are practical solutions for everyone who loves the outdoors.

Do women’s visor hats slip on easily?

Yes, all of our women’s visor hats are easy to slip on your head at a moment’s notice. Notice the sun peeking through the trees on your hike? Take out one of our packable women’s visor hats and pop it on for some shade without messing up your hair.

Sunday Afternoons makes all of our women’s outdoor hats using lightweight, breathable materials to optimize comfort and performance.

Are women’s visors adjustable?

Designed for no-fuss comfort, Sunday Afternoons offers a variety of adjustable women’s hats that allow you to achieve the perfect fit. Using features like hook and loop systems and sizing bands, we make it easy to adjust your visor so that it fits your unique head shape.

Do visors for women provide UV protection?

UV rays damage the skin and can cause a host of other health problems. To help mitigate the negative effects of harmful UV rays, all of our ladies’ visors carry a UPF 50+ sun rating, meaning they block 98% or more of the sun’s rays. In addition the wide brim on our women’s visor hats provides you with some shade and helps to shield your eyes from direct sunlight. Just remember that our visors for women will not protect the top of your head. If you are concerned about UV rays hitting the top of your head or the part in your hair, you may want to choose a sun hat over a visor.

Want even more sun protection? We have gaiters and hats with neck capes that offer superb neck protection.

Are ladies’ visors easy to pack?

Many of our women’s visors can easily be folded or rolled up on the go—simply tuck the visor into your waistband, store it in your purse, or pack it in your luggage. Now you can take a women’s packable sun visor with you no matter the destination. For more details, watch our “Packing Your Hat” video within the Care & Content section of the particular women’s visor you’re considering.