Sun Protection Arm Sleeves

Sun protection arm sleeves can keep your arms protected from harmful UV rays during the hot summer months. At Sunday Afternoons, you can browse our selection of UV protection arm sleeves that can keep you cool and protected on any day spent in the sun.

What are the benefits of using sun protection arm sleeves?

While a sunny day can bring instant joy, its harsh rays can cause some damage. Sun protection arm sleeves provide several benefits so you can enjoy every bright day, including:

  • Protecting your arms from sunburn

Whether you’re riding your bike or relaxing on the beach, odds are your arms are bare, which means that you’re likely to get a sunburn if you’re not protected. Not only are sunburns painful, but the harmful UV rays that cause them are dangerous to your health. UV protection arm sleeves keep your arms safe so that you can avoid those painful burns. 

  • Can provide compression

UV protection sleeves also offer arm compression, which improves blood circulation and reduces swelling. This can be especially beneficial if you’re active while in the sun and wear your sun sleeves. 

  • Moisture-wicking and breathable capabilities keep your arms cool

Sunday Afternoons’ UV protection cooling arm sleeves can keep your arms cool even on the hottest summer days because they’re both moisture-wicking and breathable. 

  • Can protect tattoos 

Sun exposure can damage your beautiful tattoos, causing them to become duller more quickly. By covering your tattoos when you’re out in the sun, you can keep them vibrant for longer. 

Sunday Afternoons also provides other sun products, such as:

Can I use UV protection arm sleeves while exercising or performing physical activities?

Our UV protection arm sleeves can be used while exercising and performing physical activities because they’re moisture-wicking and breathable. In fact, they might provide you with relief while exercising out in the heat because of their cooling capabilities. If you’re someone who enjoys running, hiking, or physical activity outside, our UV protection sleeves are a great, stylish choice to keep you comfortable during your workouts. You can even use your arm protection sleeves for gardening. 

Do UV sun protection arm sleeves slip or slide down?

Sun protection arm sleeps don’t slip or slide down. They fit snugly on the arms and provide compression that ensures a sturdy fit. Refer to the sizing guide to find the right fit for you. 

How do I care for my sun protection arm sleeves?

To keep your sun protection sleeves in pristine condition, machine wash on cold with colors.