Cowboy silhouette with ocean in the background, glasses, and a cowboy hat


Written by Malee Baker Oot for RootsRated in partnership with Sunday Afternoons.

April 26TH, 2019

From the slot canyons of the Southwest to the snow-capped summits of the High Sierra, a reliable hat is always a welcome adventure companion. An essential piece of gear on any expedition, your chosen piece of headwear can say a lot. Whether you opt for an Indiana-Jones-inspired fedora, favor the sun-shielding prowess of a wide-brimmed sombrero, or succumb to the timeless appeal of an old-fashioned baseball cap, here’s what your adventure hat says about you.


From elephant-back safaris in the foothills of the Himalayas to whitewater runs on the Middle Fork of the Salmon River, the Adventure Hat is for those who seek out exceptional adventures. You’re the type of person who’s already scaled four of the earth’s Seven Summits, dog-sledded Maine’s North Woods, and have gone sea kayaking with orcas in the Puget Sound. And after getting a gnarly sunburn that time on the Natal Coast, you put on the Adventure Hat, and never took it off.

Stain-resistant, buoyant, and ventilated, the thoughtfully crafted Adventure Hat is your favorite expedition-ready buddy, and it’s been with you from Key West to Kilimanjaro.


You can order appetizers in a half dozen languages. Bouncing seamlessly between trains, planes, and automobiles before lunch is nothing new. You’ve sampled street food on steamy Singapore sidewalks, sailed the Mozambique Channel in search of whale sharks, and slipped through the Siq on the way to the sandstone ruins of Petra. You can live for three weeks out of a single carry-on bag, and your globetrotting go-to for stylish yet packable sun protection is the Havana Hat.

Offering a stylish soft weave, trusty Sunglass Lock™, and UPF 50+ sun protection, the Havana Hat is just like you—comfortable strolling the legendary lakes of Snowdonia or sipping sauvignon blanc on the South Island of New Zealand.


Bursting with blooms and teeming with birds and butterflies, your yard is a heavenly haven for wildlife. Your compost bin is vastly larger than your garbage can. After mastering roses and orchids, you scoff when people refer to gardening as a mere hobby—it’s more of a calling. Of course, when you head out to pull weeds, you always rely on the Sundancer Hat for unparalleled sun protection. You even managed to find purple pansies the same shade as your go-to gardening hat.

Now, if only you could get your golden retriever to stop sunbathing in the middle of your lavender patch.


You’ve angled for sockeye salmon under the gaze of watchful grizzlies in Alaska’s Kvichak River, hooked rainbow trout in Argentine Patagonia, and snagged tarpon in Belize. You have dog-eared copies of classic fishing tales like The Old Man and the Sea and A River Runs Through It adorning your nightstand. The story of hooking your first brown trout has become the stuff of legend. Other than the serene solitude, your other companion on the water is your Charter Hat.

Loaded with features ideal for anglers—including a locking chinstrap, floating brim, sweat-wicking headband, and UPF 50+ mesh ventilation—the Charter Hat is ready for anything, from kayak-fishing Cabo San Lucas to canoe trips in the Canadian Arctic.


Equally at home on a stand-up paddleboard or in a plucky whitewater kayak, you consider yourself an amphibian. Your most expensive article of clothing is your drysuit. Every spring, from April onward, your feet sport a permanent flip-flop tan. You’ve been eye-to-eye with a barracuda along the Great Barrier Reef, surfed with spinner dolphins at Waikiki Beach, and paddled past hippo pods in the Okavango Delta. What’s your secret for eluding the sun’s scorching rays? The Ultra Adventure Hat.

The ready-for-anything headpiece is outfitted with sweat-shedding liner, Sunglass Lock™ to keep your shades in place, folding brim for on-the-go packability and top-notch sun protection that keeps blistering UV rays from scalding the back of your neck.


As a kid, you daydreamed about road-tripping cross country towing a pop-up camper. And these days, not much has changed. So, why tamper with a classic? You consider a cast-iron skillet and stainless steel percolator essentials on any car-camping expedition. You still carry the pen-knife your grandfather gave you on that first canoe trip in the Adirondacks. You wholeheartedly support putting wood-paneling back on station wagons—solely for aesthetic reasons. And, when you need an always-reliable sun shield, you grab the Solar Bucket Hat.

Because a classic design, comfy ventilation, and breeze-resistant brim never go out of style.


An adept wilderness minimalist, you’ve been fastpacking since long before fastpacking was even a thing. For you, a 26-mile slog is just the warm-up. You consider tactical hammock hanging an essential life skill. If given the option, coyote howls are your preferred white noise. Instead of adding the weight of a tarp to your pack, you prefer to camp cowboy style. And, whenever you head into the wilderness, you always don the Sun Tripper Cap.

Painless to pack and light as a feather, the Sun Tripper Cap is always worth its weight.


Most of your daydreams involve either a towering slab of granite by the name of El Capitan or a geological anomaly dubbed the Devil’s Tower. Every year, you happily eschew the standard summer beach excursion and winter ski trip in favor of seasonal pilgrimages to Joshua Tree National Park, Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon, and the Tetons. You didn’t have to think twice about naming your dog Whipper. Whether you’re road-tripping to epic crags or tracking down that elusive seasonal craft brew at happy hour, one of the Artist Series Trucker Hats is on your noggin.

An imaginative take on the classic trucker hat, the color-swirled caps are inspired by the majesty of the wilderness, just like you.