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Lotus Hat

Lotus Hat Passion Flower Ss16 3000px Lotus Hat Waterfall Main Ss14 3000px Lotus Hat Waterfall Left Ss14 3000px Lotus Hat Waterfall Back Ss16 3000px Lotus Hat Waterfall Right Ss16 3000px Lotus Hat Waterfall Front Ss14 3000px Lotus Hat Waterfall Interior Ss16 3000px Lotus Hat Waterfall Interior Ss16 3000px Lotus Hat Waterfall Interior Ss16 3000px Lotus Hat Waterfall Interior Ss16 3000px
Lotus Hat L NEW shade Passion Flower 48x48 Lotus Hat L Waterfall 48x48 Lotus Hat M Sandstone 48x48

The Lotus Hat is styled for leisure, but withstands any adventure! Our widest-brimmed performance hat for women goes to the pool, the garden, the park, and beyond. High tech fabric is UV protective, lightweight, and breathable. Nifty interior stash pocket carries a key or an emergency handful of jellybeans.
  • 4" front brim, 5" rear brim with floating foam core
  • Dark underbrim reduces glare
  • UPF 50+ Certified Sun Rating
  • Strategic Mesh Ventilation
  • Water repellent / stain resistant
  • Moisture wicking sweatband
  • Interior crown pocket
  • Chinstrap with cord lock
  • Packs flat for travel
  • Rear adjustable cord lock sizing
  • Designed in USA / Imported
  • Weight: 3.6 ounces
    Fabric content:
    Body: 100% polyester, Crown Mesh: 100% polyester
    Washing and care instructions:
    Hand wash cool with mild soap. Line dry. Do not iron.
    Packing Instructions:
    Packs flat for travel. Do not fold or crease brim.
    Lotus Hat Passion Flower Ss14 3000px
    Lotus Hat Passion Flower Ss16 3000px 58x50 Lotus Hat Waterfall Main Ss14 3000px 58x50 Lotus Hat Waterfall Left Ss14 3000px 58x50 Lotus Hat Waterfall Back Ss16 3000px 58x50 Lotus Hat Waterfall Right Ss16 3000px 58x50 Lotus Hat Waterfall Front Ss14 3000px 58x50 Lotus Hat Waterfall Interior Ss16 3000px 58x50

    REVIEWS Write A Review
    Fair Skin in TN
    I wish I had worn the hat for at least 5 minutes before removing the tags because then I could have returned it. Specific points about this hat (in sandstone/olive): Fit: the fit is WAY off, as in too small. My head measures smaller than the bottom of the range for a size medium hat, but the size medium hat was too small. I exchanged it for a size large, which is also too small. In fact, I do not discern any difference between the two, so perhaps the size large was really a mislabeled size medium or a size large child's hat or...? Admittedly, if I were able to do a side-by-side comparison, perhaps there really is some difference between the two sizes. Comfort: After wearing the hat for 5 minutes, the inside sweat band--which seems to be made out of elastic--leaves a deep horizontal groove in my forehead. This is not a good thing. Ventilation: The mesh doesn't have much, if any, opportunity to provide ventilation, given the lack of "head space" in the crown of the hat. The top of the crown is basically resting on the top of the wearer's head. Fabric: The fabric is chintzy-looking, shiny, and practically see-through. It also permanently holds the wrinkles that were put into it when the hat was packed for shipping. The crown pocket: This thing is pointless. Because of the overall lack of crown height of the hat and the flimsy nature of the fabric, anything put in the pocket is going to be resting on the top of the wearer's head and deforming the shape of the crown of the hat (which is basically conformed to the top of the wearer's head). The hat is already uncomfortable enough. The chin strap: I do not understand why the chin strap on the sandstone/olive hat was made to match the light-colored top of the hat, rather than the underside of the brim or just black, as is often done. This just does not look good. The brim: the brim is touted as "downward sloping." I suppose that is literally true, but the amount of "slope" is basically equivalent to an upside-down dinner plate and does not appreciably enhance the amount of shade provided. It must be noted: this hat only shades the full face if/when the sun is directly overhead. The binding around the brim: I understand that the dark underside of the brim supposedly reduces glare. [I don't know whether that is actually true, but... whatever.] I do wish that the binding were made to match the color of the TOP of the hat, rather than the underside of the brim. The contrasting color of the binding makes the hat look "sporty." Sorry, but a hat with this size of a brim isn't really a "sporty" type hat. People who wear very wide-brimmed hats like to be able to use them for multiple functions, even for "dress-up" in a pinch. Or at least that is the case for me. Color selection: The sandstone color was the only option I considered because it was the only one where the color of the mesh was pretty much the same as the main color of the hat. This company seems to think a patchwork of all different colors is a good look. I disagree. Conclusion: Frankly I am surprised and baffled that this hat has such great reviews given how much I loathe it. It makes me wonder whether the reviews are censored. I guess I am putting this belated but honest review up as a test as to whether that is the case. Also, I guess I'd like some closure. I am still irked that I spent this much money (a lot of money relative to my income) for such a disappointing item.
    Kathy P
    I looked and looked for a hat with all the features of the Lotus and was thrilled to find it. I have two, the tan and the pink. They are fabulous. Comfortable, great protection, washable, great chin strap. Good price too, compared to other brands with similar features! Highly recommend! Hubs has a Tilly but it’s shape gets wierd, so I’m thinking of getting him a Cruiser. Thanks for a great product!
    Many of my friends and I have been searching for a hat in this style but with a 5 inch brim all around for greater sun protection. Will you be offering one in the future? Thank you.
    NH Gal
    I have tried many different hats and this is by far the best one. I am between a small and a medium, so the adjustable headband is terrific. The styling is very attractive, and the color super. I have ordered hats from two other companies, but the fit was wrong or the hat wore out. I am looking forward to ordering more items from this company.
    This is my new favorite hat! I love the super wide brim. It is great for protecting my entire face from the Texas sun. So far, I think it is outstanding!
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