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$34.00 In stock
Cruiser Hat

Cruiser Hat Cream Female Ss16 3000px Cruiser Hat Sand Male Ss18 3000px Cruiser Hat Sand Main Ss10 3000px Cruiser Hat Sand Left Ss14 3000px Cruiser Hat Sand Back Ss16 3000px Cruiser Hat Sand Right Ss16 3000px Cruiser Hat Sand Front Ss10 3000px Cruiser Hat Sand Interior Ss16 3000px Cruiser Hat Sand Interior Ss16 3000px Cruiser Hat Sand Interior Ss16 3000px Cruiser Hat Sand Interior Ss16 3000px
Cruiser Hat M Tan/Chaparral 48x48 Cruiser Hat L Cream/Sand 48x48 Cruiser Hat L Sand/Black 48x48

Simplicity defined for all your warm weather explorations. This lightweight marvel is a master moisture manager with both strategic ventilation and a wicking sweatband. When you seek relief near the water, you can relax knowing your Cruiser will float should it get away from you. This is a hat you won’t forget time and time again.
  • 2¾" front and side brim, 3½" back brim/floatable foam core with poly brim wire
  • UPF 50+ Certified Sun Rating (mesh vents not rated)
  • Strategic Mesh Ventilation
  • Water Repellent/Stain Resistant
  • Integrated Wicking Mesh Liner (except Large Cream and Large Sand which feature a wicking sweatband)
  • Packs flat for travel
  • Chinstrap with cordlock
  • Rear Adjustable Cordlock Sizing
  • Designed in USA/Imported
  • Weight: 3.7 ounces
    Fabric content:
    Body: 100% nylon, Mesh Ventilation: 100% polyester
    Washing and care instructions:
    Hand wash cool with mild soap. Line dry. Do not iron.
    Packing Instructions:
    Packs flat for travel. Do not fold or crease brim.
    Cruiser Hat Tan Ss16 3000px
    Cruiser Hat Cream Female Ss16 3000px 58x50 Cruiser Hat Sand Male Ss18 3000px 58x50 Cruiser Hat Sand Main Ss10 3000px 58x50 Cruiser Hat Sand Left Ss14 3000px 58x50 Cruiser Hat Sand Back Ss16 3000px 58x50 Cruiser Hat Sand Right Ss16 3000px 58x50 Cruiser Hat Sand Front Ss10 3000px 58x50 Cruiser Hat Sand Interior Ss16 3000px 58x50 Cruiser Hat Sand Interior Ss16 3000px 58x58

    REVIEWS Write A Review
    I live on the gulf coast and I purchased this hat at a Field & Stream store after forgetting my Tilley. I make custom beaver fur felt western and fedora hats so, I would say I know a little something about hats. I was skeptical about this hat in the beginning but from the beginning, it fits perfectly and it is super comfortable. I have been wearing it every day for a few weeks and I am impressed. The brim did not bend on windy days and it does an excellent job of protecting me from the sun. The sweatband does an excellent job of wicking sweat also. I originally wanted the Charter hat but did not want to spend that money until I tested this one. I am looking forward to getting the Charter hat and see how it compares to my Tilley LTM6 Airflow since that is the hat they are trying to compete with. Overall, well worth the $34.00
    fred Swan
    Need to make this hat in a larger size. like XL for us bucket heads.
    I love wearing this hat. I am a letter carrier and have a walking route so I use it for head/face protection. I have washed it a few times and dried it in accordance with the instructions each time. The last time I washed it and was drying it by way of the instructions but I got a little inpatient and decided to throw it in the dryer with air dry. I could not believe it but it still shrunk. So my next one will be dried by there recommendation.
    Been wearing this hat hiking in the desert for probably five years. Won't hit the trail without it. Wicks away sweat very well and is very cool. I have washed this hat literally dozens of times which is why it doesn't seem to have the SPF factor it once had. been getting sunburned on my head lately. So, after five years I am buying the same hat again! BTW, I bought two hats. One medium, one large. At 7 1/8" hat size the medium was too small. Wouldn't change a thing.
    Andy D
    I have been wearing the same Sunday Afternoons Cruiser hat for five years. During that time I wore it on all of my trips in the High Sierra and through all of my training on the coastal trails nearby. It has been to the top of Mt. Whitney twice, the John Muir Trail, the Sierra High Route, the Trans Catalina Trail, a traverse of the Great Western Divide, a winter traverse of the Glacier Divide and hundreds of miles of other mountain adventures. I made a hat cover and used it as a rain hat. It has been washed after every trip, soaked in creeks, streams and lakes and used as a sit-pad on the trail. Even after all of that it held up. and only recently did it finally start to show some wear. I was saddened to see a small tear in the mesh vent start to grow into a hole. I picked up a new hat while at a local shop before leaving for a long trip this summer. But it wasn't a Sunday Afternoons hat. I thought it would be fine. . . just another sun hat. No big deal. I won't mention the brand but it did not work out well. Even though it appeared to have a similar adjustment system I could never get it to fit right. Plus, the brim was always loosing shape and eventually I realized the problem. It wasn't a Sunday Afternoons hat! So I ordered another Cruiser hat and it just arrived today. Right out of the box it fits perfectly, and the brim holds its shape just right. It even looks like the brim is slightly larger but that's probably due to the possible shrinkage of my old hat after hundreds of washing cycles. Thank you Sunday Afternoons!
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