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FREE SHIPPING | $60 Minimum Order


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We take our kids’ sun hats seriously! Little ones know how to play outside in the sunshine and we know how to make sure they get the maximum sun protection they need. Our sun hats have smart features such as neck capes, stretch comfort adjustable sizing, UPF 50+ sun protection, SmartStrap™ breakaway chinstrap, and moisture-wicking sweatband which helps keep kids of all ages and stages stay cool and dry when the summer sun heats up. We’ve even created stroller-friendly styles and designs that are wide-brimmed, packable, crushable, water and stain resistant so you know they’ll hold up to all your (and their!) outdoor adventures. And don’t forget—all hats come with our Hold on to Your Hat Guarantee: We promise to stand behind our materials and workmanship as long as your kiddos are standing under them.