Women's Adjustable Hats

Get the right size and fit every time. Our women’s adjustable hats feature adjustable hat straps and other sizing features create a snug, customized fit.

How do I adjust a woman's adjustable hat?

At Sunday Afternoons, we include easy-to-use custom sizing features on all of our women’s adjustable hats. You can customize the size of our adjustable strap back hats simply by altering the strap located at the back of the hat. On the other hand, our women’s bucket hats include an adjustable chin strap and adjustable sizing features that are typically located around the hat’s crown.

Do women’s adjustable hats come in different sizes?

All of our women’s adjustable hats can be configured to fit different head shapes and sizes through adjustable sizing features like StretchBack Sizing™.

How do I find the perfect fit for my women’s adjustable hat?

Sunday Afternoons makes it easy to find a tailored fit Considering one of our women’s casual hats or women’s ribbon hats? Use the built-in adjustable sizing features like chin straps, hat bands, and customizable straps to achieve the perfect fit. You can also consult our sizing chart to help guide your selection process.

Are only the chin straps adjustable on women’s adjustable hats?

Chin straps are just one design feature that help create a perfect fit in our women’s adjustable hats. Some of our women’s cowboy hats offer an adjustable chin strap and adjustable slip knot or internal elasticized sweatband. Check out the “Features & Specs” tab on a particular item’s product page for more information.