Sun Visor Hats

Sunday Afternoons sun visor hats are a perfect blend of style and comfort. Whether you’re hitting the beach, the golf course, or heading out for a run, our lightweight visor hats will keep your face protected from UV rays and your eyes shaded from glare.

Are visor hats packable or foldable?

Yes, we offer a number of packable hats. Sunday Afternoons designs visor hats for everyone who loves the outdoors. Many of our sun visor hats have a foldable brim that collapses for easy storage in a pocket or waistband. Other Sunday Afternoons visor hats can simply be rolled up and packed away in a purse or suitcase for travel. Just check the “Care & Content” tab on the product page to find out whether the brim on a particular visor hat is foldable.

Do sun visor hats come in only one shape?

All of our sun visor hats come with a large brim for sun protection and shade, and are available in a variety of designs. Whether you’re a weekend gardener looking for a sun visor that offers UV protection or an avid tennis player in need of a ventilated hat to stay competitive on a hot day, we’ve got what you need. Shop our collection to find the perfect visor hat for you.

Do sun visors provide UV protection?

Compared to baseball caps and other types of headwear, wide brim hats are excellent at providing UV protection. Sun visor hats and hats with a neck flap help shade your face and neck and protect from the sun. For ultimate protection, get one of our hats with certified sun fabric that blocks over 98% of UV radiation.

Keep in mind that visor hats do not protect the top of your head and are not a replacement for sunscreen—the two should be used together to keep you and your skin safe from UV rays on sunny days.

Are UV sun visor hats waterproof?

It depends. We offer a number of water resistant sun visor hats for those who plan on wearing one in or around the water or in rainy weather. For details on a particular hat’s water resistance, refer to the product description.