Running Hats & Caps

When you think of running, you think of wearing workout clothes and sneakers. But what about a running hat? Did you know that wearing a hat while you run offers a number of benefits? A running hat provides sun protection, draws perspiration away from your head, and keeps you cool as you pound the pavement or traverse mountainous trails. But not just any hat will get you through those long miles. A Sunday Afternoons breathable running hat that wicks moisture away and blocks the sun’s bright rays will help you go the distance in style and comfort.

What type of hat is best for running?

When it comes to wearing a hat on a run, you want to make sure it’s lightweight and breathable. The goal of a running hat is to reduce perspiration and provide shade. It’s important to look for a hat that is designed specifically for running. In addition to our running caps, Sunday Afternoons carries other types of outdoor hats, like hiking hats and bucket hats.

How do I choose a running cap?

There are a few key characteristics you want to look for when choosing a breathable running cap. Your running cap should be moisture wicking, provide proper ventilation, and have reflective accents to make you visible to drivers and pedestrians. Your running cap should also have an adjustable strap, so it can fit comfortably on your head as you run. It is also important that your running cap is washable. 

At Sunday Afternoons, you can also find bucket hats for men and women’s floating hats. Whether you’re hiking, running, or just spending the day outside, it’s important to protect yourself from the sun by wearing the proper type of hat for all your outdoor activities.  

How do you wash a running hat?

You should hand wash your running hat  in cold water and then line dry it. Make sure  not to bleach, iron, or dry clean it. Be sure to use an all-natural, gentle soap to clean your hat. For exact care instructions, click on the “Care and Content” tab for the particular running hat you’re interested in.

How often should I wash my running hat?

How often to wash a running hat depends on the person, but generally speaking, you should give it a wash as soon as it begins to look dirty or starts to smell. Because running is a strenuous cardiovascular activity, you’re bound to perspire, which means your running hat will have to be washed on a more regular basis.