Men's Waterproof Hats

There are endless occasions when you can wear a hat. Whether you’re hiking in the mountains, out on the town with friends, or at a baseball game, hats provide sun protection, warmth, and coverage. But the one time you can’t really wear a hat is when it rains. That is, unless you get a waterproof hat. Men’s waterproof hats are the perfect solution for those days when the weather forecast says there’s an 80% chance of rain. Men’s waterproof hats are ideal for a variety of outdoor adventures, from a simple walk to a difficult hike. Weather can be unpredictable, so invest in a waterproof hat for men so you can stay dry for all your outdoor excursions.

Will my men’s waterproof hat keep me dry?

The most important feature of a waterproof storm hat for men is that it keeps you dry. With Sunday Afternoons waterproof hats, you won’t have to worry about your head and hair getting wet during your outdoor activities. Sunday Afternoons’ men’s waterproof hats are 100% waterproof and made with breathable fabric, so they will sit comfortably on your head all day long. Made with seam-sealing technology to keep you dry despite the rain, our waterproof hats are the perfect solution for rainy days.

Sunday Afternoons carries various men’s hats suitable for a range of occasions, including men’s rain hats, men’s ventilated hats, and even a men’s sun hat with neck cover. Bucket hats for men are another great option for those looking for a stylish yet functional hat to wear on walks, hikes, or other outdoor excursions.

Are men’s waterproof hats easy to store in my backpack?

The best part about Sunday Afternoons’ men’s waterproof hats is that they can be easily folded and stored in a backpack. Waterproof hats come in various designs, including a bucket hat, cap, adventure storm hat, and charter storm hat. Regardless of the design you choose, each hat can either be folded or crushed and stored away for easy traveling. For packing instructions, refer to each hat’s “Care and Content” tab.

Are men’s waterproof storm hats good for any weather?

Waterproof storm hats for men are ideal for rain, but they are not guaranteed to withstand other conditions, such as high wind or hail.

Will my men’s waterproof cap stay secure while hiking?

Yes, your waterproof cap for men is designed to stay secure while hiking. You can adjust the cap to fit your head, so it won’t fall off, even during the most difficult hikes.