Kids' Woven Hats

A kids’ sun hat woven with quality materials can be a comfortable and stylish addition to any summer wardrobe. Whether you’re going to a baseball game, playing outside, or at the beach, our woven hats are designed to protect your kids from those harmful UV rays and sunburns.

Do kids’ woven hats come in a variety of styles?

Our woven sun hats come in a variety of styles. Choose between a kids’ cap or a woven beach hat, depending on your adventures. Our kids’ hats are available in many colors, from bright purple and reds to more subdued tones to match any and all outfits. At Sunday Afternoons, you can find a hat for every occasion. 

We also know that every kid has a different style. Let yours choose which hat best fits their personality, or choose one for every day of the week depending on where life takes you. 

Do kids’ woven summer hats provide sun protection?

Kids’ woven summer hats come with a UPF 50+ sun rating and flexible brims to provide shade over the face for ultimate sun protection. With a Sunday Afternoons kids’ woven hat, you can have peace of mind knowing your little one will stay protected.

Are kids’ woven hats durable and easy to pack?

Many kids’ woven hats come with a crushable design that can easily fit into any purse, bag, or stroller. For example, the Infant Wheelie Cap is ideal for use on the go and can be used all summer long. To learn how easy our hats are to pack, check out the Features & Specs tab on each product page. 

What if my child grows out of their woven hat?

Kids are always growing out of their clothing and accessories. If your child grows out of their woven hat, you can upgrade to a new hat, including:

  • Kids’ fedoras: there’s a kids’ fedora option for any occasion, from birthday parties to days out on the town. 
  • Kids’ sun hats: even if your child grows out of their woven hat, there’s a sun hat that can protect them from UV rays during those extra sunny days. 
  • Kids’ casual hats: Ideal for baseball games and family events, our kids’ casual hats protect their faces and eyes from the sun. 
  • Kids’ wide brim hats: Wide brim kids’ hats offer extended sun protection with a longer brim that keeps the sun out of their eyes and faces. 

Shop our selection of unique, protective, and stylish kids’ hats so you can enjoy your next adventure to the fullest.