Mesh Kids' Sun Hats

Got a day at the beach planned but nothing to protect your loved one’s head? Try a breathable sun hat designed to protect your kid from harmful UV rays while keeping them cool on hot summer days. Our sun hats with ventilation provide the protection and breathability kids need to enjoy the great outdoors.

What are the benefits of wearing a sun hat with ventilation?

A mesh kids’ sun hat doesn’t just provide protection from the sun, it provides a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Staying cool

Made with ventilation in mind, our kids’ sun hats with ventilation keep the head cool by allowing it to breathe rather than the hat sitting fully on top of the head where it can cause overheating. 

  • Moisture-wicking

Kids’ sun hats allow for rapid drying by moving moisture from sweat or a day at the beach to the outer surface of the fabric for better cooling. 

  • Comfort

Sun hats with ventilation offer more comfort, especially during the warmer months. Nobody likes having a hot, sweaty head, so keep your little ones comfortable with one of our breathable sun hats.

Are kids’ breathable sun hats good for staying cool?

Kids’ breathable sun hats made with mesh ventilation help them stay cool even in the hot summer sun. The added mesh allows warmth to escape the head instead of trapping it within the hat to keep it from overheating.

Not only that, but our sun hats dry rapidly so that the wearer isn’t stuck with a wet head after a long day at the pool. 

Do kids’ breathable sun hats provide sun protection?

All of our kids’ breathable sun hats have a UPF 50+ certified sun rating. UPF measures UV radiation that can penetrate a fabric, such as that of a hat. A UPF rating of over 50 is considered excellent protection. Not only that, but our hats can keep the sun out of your kids’ eyes so that they can focus on enjoying their day out in the sun. 

What styles do the kids’ sun hats with ventilation come in?

Sunday Afternoons offers a wide variety of breathable sun hats for kids, including:

All of our kids’ hats are available in a variety of colors to suit your kids’ fashion style, so they can enjoy the outdoors with confidence and protection.