Packable Kids' Sun Hats

One thing you need no matter where you're going with the family is a kids' packable sun hat. Sunday Afternoons foldable sun hats fit into any bag, no matter how crowded it is with snacks, bottles, and diapers. This way, you can rest assured knowing your kid is always protected from the sun and heat on those warm summer days. 

Will my kids' sun hat get damaged if it is folded or packed?

Kids' packable sun hats are also foldable hats that can be folded or crushed into a bag, making them both travel and packing friendly so they won't take up precious real estate in your bags. Packable beach hats, for example, can be expected to be thrown at the bottom of a bag filled with other items that you take to the beach when you have a day trip, such as food and snacks, water bottles, baby bottles, and more. 

Remember, though, not all kids' hats are foldable, which means that they can get damaged when folded or packed. Kids' caps, for example, are typically not pack-friendly because of the sturdy brim, but most kids' hats are made to be packed and folded away. 

To know for sure whether a hat is foldable, make sure that you review its Features & Specs, along with care instructions so that you know how to properly pack hats and avoid damage.

Do kids' packable sun hats come in different colors and sizes?

Kids' packable sun hats and foldable beach hats come in a variety of different colors, sizes, and styles. You can find anything, from kids' folding brim hats to kids' outdoor hats and more that will fit perfectly into any bag. Sunday Afternoon offers a variety of colors for each type of kid and their specific personality so that you can choose one they're sure to love for years to come. 

Are there foldable sun hats that come in infant sizes?

Foldable hats are available in infant sizes and styles, including the Infant SunSkipper, Infant SunFlip Cap, and Infant SunSprout Hat. Browse our collection to find the perfect cap for your little one today.

What if my child grows out of their kids' packable sun hat?

If your child grows out of their kids' packable sun hat, you can move on to a new type of hat, such as:

No matter where life takes you and your family, make sure everyone’s protected with a Sunday Afternoons packable sun hat.