Kids' Outdoor Hats

Our collection of kids’ outdoor hats is ideal for extended time and play in the sun. Whether you’re trying to protect your child’s sensitive skin from the sun, keep them warm in the winter, or protect them from the rain, we have the perfect hat for your little one.

Do kids’ outdoor hats have ultimate coverage?

We have kids’ outdoor hats for a variety of activities, so your children can stay protected outside longer. Our selection includes kids’ bucket hats, kids’ trucker hats, beanies, sun hats, and more. All of the outdoor kids’ hats from Sunday Afternoons feature UPF 50+ sun protection, meaning the fabric blocks 98%+ of the sun’s rays.

No matter what you end up choosing, keep in mind that we offer a lifetime guarantee on the materials and workmanship on all of our hats, so you can buy with confidence.

Can kids’ outdoor hats get wet?

We offer a variety of waterproof and water-resistant hats that are perfect for rainy days or a day at the beach. However, not all of our kids’ outdoor hats are designed for water. If you’re looking for a hat that does well around water, check out our stain resistant outdoor hats.

What activities can I use my kids’ hat for?

Kids hats for outdoors can be used for a wide range of activities. From beach days to ski trips and casual everyday use, our kids’ outdoor hats are versatile. Shop our collection to find the right outdoor kids’ hat for your next family adventure.

What colors do kids’ outdoor hats come in?

Our kids’ outdoor hats come in dozens of colors! Browse through different colors, patterns, and graphics to find a hat that your child will love. We encourage you to take a look at our Artist Series Kids’ Trucker hats, as each hat features original art inspired by wildlife and nature scenes.