Packable Hats

At Sunday Afternoons, we know how important it is to be able to pack your hat easily for trips to the coast, hikes up mountains, time spent on the water, or vacations abroad. That’s why we have created a plethora of packable hats that can fold, bend, flex, and squish to fit just about anywhere.

What is a packable hat?

A packable hat can be compactly packed to fit into your backpack, day bag, purse, or suitcase without losing its shape and style. Our foldable hats are made with breathable, hard-to-crease fabrics and folding brims, making them ready to go at a moment’s notice.

How to pack a packable hat

Each of our uniquely designed packable sun hats features a “Care and Content” tab on its product page that will show you exactly how to care for your hat, including how to pack it properly. Some packable hats must be packed flat, while others can be folded or crushed. It all depends on the hat you choose. You can also reference our Packing Your Hat videos, found on the “Care and Content” tab.

Do packable sun hats get wrinkled or creased?

Sunday Afternoons packable sun hats are made to be packed without getting major creases or irreversible folds. If the fabric on your packable sun hat is wrinkled after packing, the wrinkles will come out easily with time, or immediately, if steamed. Please check the Care and Content tab on the individual product pages before attempting to iron any hat. 

Are packable hats good for traveling?

Just like our stretch fit hats and sun protective hats, our packable hats are great for traveling. Since they can be packed easily in your carry-on, suitcase, or backpack without compromising shape, style, and integrity, our packable hats are a great choice when it comes to travel. Plus, like the rest of our hats, our packable hats come with a UPF 50+ sun rating to keep those harsh sun rays at bay, wherever you may be.