Floating Hats

Whether you love fishing, kayaking, boating, paddleboarding, or just spending time on the water, you need a hat that reduces glare and protects you from the sun. No matter how you spend your time on the water, accidents occasionally happen. Maybe you fall in the water, the wind blows your hat off your head, or you accidentally drop it in the drink when hauling in a fish. In all of those scenarios, your hat is going to end up in the water. At Sunday Afternoons, our floating hats are made to float on top of the water, so you can safely retrieve them without the fear of loss.

What is a floating hat?

A floating hat is designed to float on top of water. Many hats are constructed of materials that absorb water and get heavy, causing the hat to sink and be lost forever. Conversely, our floating hats feature brims that are constructed of lightweight, floating closed foam, so they remain buoyant and can be easily found on top of the water.

Are floating hats waterproof?

Some of our floating hats are waterproof. Our waterproof floating hats all feature the word storm in their product name, so you can easily find them. Many of our floating hats also feature a PFAS-free durable water repellent, making them water-resistant, stain-resistant, and fast-drying. Any hat featured in our floating hat category can get wet over and over again without damage. Our line of floating hats features rain hats, bucket hats, neck caped hats, and more.

What hats float best in water?

Each of our floating hats and waterproof hats features a closed-cell foam core brim. Every hat in our floating hats collection will float reliably; however, as a general rule, the larger the brim size, the better the hat will float.

How do you wash a floating hat?

Each of our hats comes with its own set of unique washing instructions, so you’ll want to take a look at our “Care and Content” tab on the individual product page of your floating hat. Wash and care instructions for your new favorite hat will be there, so you can learn about how to care for your floating hat for years to come.