Fishing Hats

Get ready for an adventure out on the water with our stylish, comfortable fishing and boating hats that keep you cool all-day long.

Can boating hats get wet?

Nearly all of our boating and fishing hats do great in and near the water. Even while wet, they will maintain their structure and UPF 50+ sun protection. In fact, most of our fishing hats float! Just remember to rinse your hat in fresh water after it has been submerged in salt water to help maintain its longevity. 

Do boating hats lose pigmentation due to sun exposure?

All Sunday Afternoons hats undergo stringent color fastness testing. However, over time the color may naturally begin to fade. We understand that it can be concerning to see your favorite bucket hat lose its color due to ultraviolet exposure. Rest assured this is normal and will not affect the performance of your hat. What’s more, all Sunday Afternoons hats and accessories carry a lifetime guarantee. If your hat happens to have a manufacturing defect, please let us know and we will gladly repair or replace it at no cost. 

Are boating hats made to protect me from the sun?

All of our boating sun hats are designed to protect your head, neck, and ears from sun exposure. A UPF 50+ sun rating prevents 98+% of the sun’s rays from penetrating the fabric of your hat. In addition, our dark underbrims help protect your eyes from glare. For even more sun protection, check out our boating sun hats like the Sun Guide Hat, which features an extra-wide brim and ventilated neck cape.  

What colors do fishing hats come in?

Whether you’re looking for a women's or men’s sun hat for fishing, you’ll find a diverse assortment of colors and styles. From fun colors like mountain jade and coral to classic tan and black, choosing the perfect hat is easy. Prefer a more stylish fishing hat? For a more laid-back look, the Havana hat is a stylish boating fedora that’ll keep you comfortable throughout the day.