The fedora is a classic, timeless hat style that should be a staple in every hat wearer's collection. The fedora hat’s elegant shape and effortless style make it one of the most versatile hats in the world. At Sunday Afternoons, we have a variety of men’s fedora hats and fedora hats for women to choose from. Pick which style, design, and shape is the perfect fit for you today.

What is a fedora?

Popular since the turn of the twentieth century, the fedora has a soft brim and an indented crown. It is typically “pinched” near the front on both sides and is almost always flat brimmed.  Fedoras can be made of a range of materials but are most often constructed of straw, paper, or felt. You have most likely seen lots of fedoras throughout your life, as they are a popular fashion in movies, TV, and everyday life.

How to wear a fedora

Fedoras differ from caps, and bucket hats, but they, too, are extremely versatile.  Dress them up for formal outings and special events, or dress them down for a round of golf, day at the beach, or lunch with friends. You can wear your fedora however you please and keep it in pristine condition by following the instructions on the “Care and Content” tab.

Do fedoras offer adequate sun protection?

All Sunday Afternoons hats come with a UPF 50+ sun rating, which means our fedoras provide adequate sun protection and are made to keep the sun’s harmful rays off your skin. 

What are fedoras made of?

Our fedoras, just like our wide brim hats, are made of different materials, such as wool felt, straw, paper, and polyester. The good news is that each fedora hat product page includes a “Care and Content” tab and a “Features and Specs” tab to ensure you know exactly what your hat is made of, how to care for it, how to pack it, and more.