Bucket Hats

Whether it’s pouring rain or the sun’s shining, a bucket hat from Sunday Afternoons can help protect you from the elements. Shop our collection of bucket hats that are durable and carry our Lifetime Guarantee.

What material are bucket hats made from?

Depending on the season, weather conditions and occasion, Sunday Afternoons offers bucket hats in a variety of materials so you can find the one that works best for you. Check out the details of each product to find out the fabric it’s made from, as well as washing and packing instructions.

Do bucket hats protect your neck?

Absolutely. The broad, flexible brim on our bucket hats offers excellent sun protection and head and neck coverage. A bucket sun hat can protect your neck against sunburns when it’s sunny, while our waterproof hats can shield you from rain when it’s stormy. Our bucket hats also provide the perfect amount of shade and cover for your face. Just remember, the wider the brim, the more protection you will have.

Will a bucket hat fit my head?

It’s important to us that our bucket hats provide you with a comfortable, secure fit. That’s why all of our bucket hats offer adjustable sizing features. We make it easy to modify your bucket hat so that it fits comfortably on your head. Check the sizing chart on each individual product page or reference our sizing chart to find the perfect fit.

How can I style my bucket hat?

There are so many different ways to go about styling your bucket hat. It’s an accessory that can be sporty, casual, and stylish, depending on the occasion. For a men’s casual summer look, try a men’s bucket hat with a short sleeve button-up and chino shorts. Ladies might try a women’s bucket hat with sunglasses, a graphic tee, and some wide-legged, cropped pants. Ultimately, though, how you style your bucket hat is up to you!