Sunday Afternoons beanies combinestyle and comfort. Whether you’re in nature or at home, you’ll love how soft our beanie hats feel on your head.

Beanies FAQs

Do beanies keep your head warm?

Yes, our beanies keep your head warm. While most of our beanies are made out of lightweight, breathable materials, they certainly don’t lack when it comes to performance. We have a variety of thick winter beanies that are designed to keep your head warm in cold and snowy weather.

Does a beanie hat provide protection from the sun?

Putting a beanie on will limit the amount of UV rays that are able to penetrate your skin. Additionally, many of our beanie hats offer a UPF 50+ sun rating, meaning they block at least 98% of the sun’s rays! Keep in mind that even on cold, overcast days, the sun’s UV rays can still negatively impact your skin. So put on a thick beanie to stay warm and protected.

Are beanies cool?

Beanies are always in style! At Sunday Afternoons, we understand that a beanie is more than just a warm hat. Besides being a way to stay warm during the winter, beanies are an accessory that can be paired with a range of different outfits. That’s why we’re proud to offer so many cool beanies for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a men’s beanie, a women’s beanie, or kids’ beanies, we’re sure to have something that meshes with your personal style.