Woman wearing a Havana Sunday Afternoons hat at the beach

Beach Hats

There are a few “must haves” when you are making a trip to the beach: a towel, a bathing suit, sunscreen, snacks, drinks, and, of course, your beach sun hat. The best sun hats for the beach are those that cover your face and neck generously, while remaining fashion-forward and stylish. So, how do you find the perfect beach hat? Below you’ll find a wide range of beach hats with UPF 50+ sun protection that will keep the rays at bay for the perfect beach trip.

Will a beach sun hat keep me fully protected from the sun?

Our beach sun hats are designed to protect you from the sun. Every hat in our beach collection has a 50+ UPF rating, the highest rating achievable. The sun coverage effectiveness of each hat depends on the size of the bill or brim. For example, wide-brim hats have the largest brim, meaning more coverage. When looking for sun protective hats, you want to be sure you are choosing one that fits your wants and needs as well as possible.

Can beach sun hats only be worn at the beach?

Though you may see many beach sun hats on sandy shores, it doesn’t mean they have to be exclusively worn at the beach. Our beach sun hats are versatile and can be worn whenever you need protection from the sun.

And, speaking of particular hats for specific moments, we just wanted to be sure you know that you can wear one of our rain hats even when the sun is out and the rain has stopped.

What are the best sun hats for the beach?

The best sun hats for the beach are those that provide effective sun protection. The last thing you want is to end an enjoyable beach day with a harsh sunburn. At Sunday Afternoons, we offer a wide range of sun hats for the beach that can keep the sun out of your eyes and keep your head and face protected. 

What are the different types of beach sun hats?

From wide-brim hats to fedoras, and from trucker hats to visors, there are endless types of Sunday Afternoons hats to accompany you on your beach trip. No matter the hat style you choose, you can rest assured, knowing you’ll get the protection and coverage you need to enjoy a sunny day at the beach.