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A portion of the proceeds from our sales of the Pollinator Collection will go toward supporting Bee Girl, working to educate and inspire communities to conserve bees, their flowers, and our countryside. Featuring original artwork by Acacia Lacy, the collection offers playful designs to inspire and remind us of the important role pollinators play in the natural world.


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About Artist Courtney Larsen

Drawing was Courtney’s first love in life. As a kid she was constantly drawing and working on various art projects. As her love for drawing and art grew stronger, she pursued a degree in Fine Art Drawing at Arizona State University. Today she is a full-time artist who loves the idea that creativity is a flow. While Courtney enjoys working with a variety of media including watercolor, pen and ink illustrations, chalkboard art, and big outdoor murals, nature is a recurring theme throughout her pieces. Living in Arizona, Courtney loves the desert and all the peculiar animals and plants found there: Saguaro blossoms, moths, rattlesnakes, and palo verde beetles seem to make their way into her paintings and drawings. You can find Courtney’s art and follow her wanderings at www.theycallmespindles.com or on Instagram @theycallmespindles.