Frozen Flowers


Written by Guest Author Tracy Jones

June 24th, 2021

Kids love to explore and guest blogger Tracy Jones has another fun, easy activity to encourage kids to learn about and appreciate the flora and fauna all around us. This one involves a nature scavenger hunt and observing the wonder of liquids turning solid and back again. Check it out!

flowers frozen in ice cubes

Over the past year, I've made it standard practice to have at least one project waiting in the freezer at any given time. My kiddo LOVES frozen discovery projects. Freezing just about anything will transform it into something worthy of deep observation. My three-year-old will happily poke and prod the ice until it has completely melted and the treasures within are revealed.

For this project, take a walk and look around your yard, park, or hiking trail to find flowers and small items found in nature to collect. They are endlessly interesting and quite beautiful when frozen. Out of season, you can also recycle flower arrangements and bouquets for this purpose!

Here's how to do it:

Placing flowers in an ice tray

1. Collect: Take a nature walk around your yard, park, or favorite hiking trail. Collect flowers, leaves, and other small nature items.

2. Observe: Observe and talk about what you have collected.

3. Arrange: Have your kiddo place the flowers and nature items into a freezer-friendly container. Ice cube trays, small recycled plastic containers, or silicone baking trays work great. Items can be sorted by type, color, or just mix it up and have some fun!

4. Freeze: Place the tray in the freezer for a few hours or overnight until frozen.

4. Play: Assemble a collection of simple tools for your kiddo to use to observe, thaw, and poke at the ice. I like to include a spoon, water dropper, paintbrush, magnifying glass, and measuring cups. Depending on how quickly you want the ice to melt, you can also include warm water, cool water, and/or salt. Pop your frozen flowers out of their containers and into a baking pan or tray. Stand back and watch as your kiddo touches, slides, stacks, and inspects each cube with wonder and amazement!

Don’t forget to download the free printable resource pack available here.

About the Author

Tracy Jones is a creative, outdoorsy mama to two energetic daughters living in southern New Hampshire. She is currently homeschooling her pre-K-aged daughter and spends her days exploring nature, and doing play-based projects that inspire curiosity, creativity, and independence. Tracy has bicycled across the US twice and runs a vintage clothing shop on Etsy. She and her husband and two children live in a 100-year-old fixer-upper which they are lovingly bringing back to life. You can learn more about Tracy’s creative projects for kids on Instagram.