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“Paws Up! Introducing New UPF 50+ Hats for Dogs!”

Hats for dogs? You bet.


For over twenty-five years, we’ve been designing hats to shade the whole family—or so we thought. From adults to kids, we cover a wide range of sizes, colors and options for optimal sun protection, cold weather and everything in between (like snow, wind, sun, and rain to be exact). We thought we had everyone and every season covered, until…



Recently it has come to our attention that we’ve neglected a very important adventurer—the family dog. We really thought we had everyone covered as we launched our brand new Fall 2018 collection until, lo and behold, a long time Sunday Afternoons customer contacted us with a special request.


After seeing our “Dogs of the Office” posts on Instagram and Facebook recently, Dan from Encinitas, CA writes, “I’m a huge fan and, while it sounds kind of weird, I figured if anyone would have a hat option for my Golden Retriever, Daisy, you would. You see, she’s really light blonde (almost white!) and doesn’t do well in the heat, so we have to be really careful to protect her and keep her in the shade or she gets sunburned, especially down here in Southern Cal.” And so, he asked us to create a dog hat for Daisy Mae.

A New Product Line Is Born

As you can imagine, after a good chuckle, we actually started to give the request serious consideration. The more we discussed it in development meetings, we realized that this was the perfect opportunity to develop a solution for our customers shopping for their adventurous four-legged companions.


Sure, we’ve been known to put a human hat on our furry pals for a little photo fun, but it never lasts long. But not because dogs don’t like or want a hat, it’s because people hats simply aren’t designed for dogs. That’s when we knew we were onto something—and so we began to work on our next product collection: Adventure Hats for dogs.


We dug our paws into building a product line for dogs that would measure up to the Sunday Afternoons brand, and to the special needs of doggies of all shapes and sizes. Designing comfortable hats that stay put for wiggly, wobbly kiddos over the last ten years was a great start, but this product design process was special. There were a myriad of design and functional details to consider, like:


  • Head shape and breed variations
  • Cranial slope
  • Ear position and shape
  • Occiput and nape
  • Ability to scratch


We brought in dog behavior experts to help us create a functional design that would encourage long wear while not irritating Fido or Spot. Comfortable fabric that’s also chew- and tear-proof, was essential, of course. If you’re the parent of a pooch, you know the drill. Our samples around the office stood up to all kinds of doggie shenanigans, and we’re thrilled with the results. When we make a hat, you can count on it being far more than fetching. And, that’s a promise we’ll shake on.

Introducing Adventure Hats for Dogs

We’ll keep this long tail short and simple. Humans have been relying on our four-legged friends for far too long without a little hat hookup. That changes today.

Stay tuned on Instagram and Facebook or join us below to check out the full assortment coming soon and to be the first to hear about sales, new products, and exclusive discounts.


Woof. Don’t forget your hat.