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Tin Foil Hat

IMG 1133 1 1 IMG 1128 1 1 IMG 1131 1 1 Foil Hat Main Ss19 Foil Hat Left Ss19 Foil Hat Back Ss19 Foil Hat Right Ss19 Foil Hat Front Ss19 Foil Hat Front Ss19
Tinfoil Hat 48x48

Handcrafted from locally sourced artisanal tin, this stylish yet practical hat protects your brain from the harmful effects of mind-controlling electromagnetic waves. Wander freely outside the safety of your bunker knowing you are protected from mind-reading, government surveillance, and those who don’t fully appreciate your well-researched conspiracy theories. Our Tin Foil Hat keeps you safe while also creating a cozy buffer from family and friends who just don’t get it.
  • One size fits all conspiracy theorists
  • Traps intelligent thoughts
  • 100% anti-ventilation
  • Friend resistant
  • Repels nosy neighbors
  • Makes you sweat
  • Corrosion and oxidation resistant
  • Available in heavy-duty or lightweight

  • Caution: Not suitable for food storage. Use only with smartphone on Airplane Mode.
  • Handy tip: Also doubles as a 19th-century tooth filing.
    Washing and care instructions:
    Hand wash cold, do not bleach, line dry, do not iron (may burn), do not dry clean.
    Packing Instructions:
    Do not pack. Better to leave this one at home. For best results do not fold or crease.
    Foil Hat Ss19
    IMG 1133 1 1 58x50 IMG 1128 1 1 58x50 IMG 1131 1 1 58x50 Foil Hat Main Ss19 58x50 Foil Hat Left Ss19 58x50 Foil Hat Back Ss19 58x50 Foil Hat Right Ss19 58x50 Foil Hat Front Ss19 58x50

    REVIEWS Write A Review
    Paul Engles
    My home was recently invaded by little green men. Thanks to this product, they could not locate me or my family using their psionic powers. Nanu nanu! Klaatu barada nikto!
    Holly e
    Good stuff! I appreciate adding a well crafted (written and designed) feature to a sprint. Nice Rhyme Sunday Afternoons.
    Teri Malkin
    Best way I know to FOIL an enemy!
    Col Sanders
    When it comes to keeping a secret, I’ve done it for the past 67 years and counting. I have to say that it’s tiresome having to deal with people constantly trying to get into my head or unlocking the recipe I’ve held dear to my heart. Should that secret ever get out, it’s game over, this chicken’s cooked. Back when I founded the company there was no such thing as cell phones or micro-recording devices, but as technology has advanced it’s been hard to keep ahead of technology and I must remain vigilant on protecting vital secrets. That was until I had heard about this new hat from Sunday Afternoons. Over the last half-century I’ve lost countless nights of sleep worrying. I received the hat, followed the lengthy and necessary directions, and put it on and immediately had a sense of security I haven’t had since the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis. No one’s getting into this ol’ mind of mine now that the secret is safely secured under this comfortable hat. I used to worry that someone would figure a way to send microwaves to my brain to extract the vital recipe they so dearly want, but no one’s frying my brain now. Only thing that stays fried is my chicken and thanks to Sunday Afternoons it’ll stay that way. I do have one design request though, which would make it more appealing to me and that is if you could make this in white. If not, the classy metallic shine will still do wonders for me.
    William G.
    William G. I received another friendly email from one of my favorite hat companies introducing their newest Tin Foil Hat. I have referenced to my own business how I feel Sunday Afternoons is on the cutting edge with their wonderfully crafted communications to their adoring customers. Great work on keeping your customers informed, Sunday Afternoons. I don’t generally write reviews but felt this product was well worth my time share with others. I am in computer software design and finding ideas in other products is always insightful. The hat they created this time goes to show that simplicity by far exceeds complexity. I am always cautious of my industry’s competitors and how they are trying to steal secrets and get ahead. I have to be aware they are out there and are willing to do anything they can to get a peek at what I’m working on. Good luck to them now since I have the perfect hat to deflect their wily ways. This hat once shaped, and it should be noted you can shape it to your desired silhouette, provides next-level comfort as well as brings a heightened sense of security. I have bought other hats from Sunday Afternoons because they are a leading developer for sun protective headwear, but this hat is the one that will change the industry. I know a bit about changing how people look at an operating systems and can very well say when a great idea comes along that it will be the next thing. This is it. I wear it proudly every day. Keep up the good work, Sunday Afternoons. You may have seen an order recently for a very large sized shipment. I bought one for my entire staff here in Seattle and can’t wait to hand them out. Keep changing the headwear business for the better.
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