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Aruba Hat


The vivid colors found in the Aruba Hat are guaranteed to brighten your day while keeping you shaded and sun protected with its wide 6-inch brim. This easy to pack and travel style features a moldable brim and matching ribbon tie for adjustable sizing. Take the Aruba with you next time you head to the beach or the pool for beautiful looking sun protection.
  • 6" wide full brim with moldable brim wire
  • UPF 50+ certified breathable sun rating
  • Matching ribbon tie for adjusting size
  • Interior grosgrain sweatband
  • Crushable / Packs for travel
  • Weight: 4 ounces
  • Sizes: Women’s M -- One size fits most
  • Imported
    Fabric content:
    100% polyester
    Washing and care instructions:
    Spot clean. Line dry. Do not iron.
    Packing Instructions:
    Packs flat for travel.
    Black Aruba Hat Main

    REVIEWS Write A Review
    Olivia Anne Kovach
    I love this hat!!! not only because my husband of 38 years gave it to me on Mothers day, but it's super comfortable. The rim is very flexible and when I walk in the (very hot) TX Sunshine I can 'reconfigure' the brim to prevent the blinding glare. I received the turquoise. one, which would've been the one I'd have chosen. Ain't Love Grand??
    Joan Thomas
    We spend summers in the bright Colorado sun and my Dermatologist suggested this hat to protect my light skinned face. I have one hat I bought several yrs. ago and love it. This brim is large but just right to give me the shade I need.
    This hat is light weight, stylish and packable, which makes it ideal for traveling. It gives great sun coverage. I chose the one with cream and beige colors as it will not clash with anything I might be wearing. I highly recommend this hat.
    I love the extra wide brim on this hat. The color selections are very spunky. This is a good lounging hat, not for activity, like walking/hiking etc.
    I bought this hat as an alternative to putting sunscreen on my face when I am outdoors walking, gardening, at the beach, etc. While the wide brim creates excellent coverage, I feel like it's just a little too big and floppy to be stylish. And while the hat is comfortable, it blows off really easily in the wind. I live in the midwest, which is quite windy and the lack of chin strap was a total oversight when I ordered this hat.
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