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Responsible business. Spools of string with fabric in the background.

Family-owned for over twenty-five years, we built our company on the belief that the key to enjoying outdoor adventure is a healthy dose of respect for wild places. And every year, we take additional steps toward using more sustainable practices when making our hats and accessories. Our commitment to thoughtful practices keeps us on our toes. As long as people like you keep exploring the mountains, rivers, and trails of this great big world, we’ll keep innovating while trying to make the world a better place. Our mission is to enhance your everyday adventures with durable, stylish, feature-rich hats that look as good as they feel.


Product design, durable construction, and a lifetime guarantee are just the beginning when it comes to sustainability. Sustaining and supporting our employees, the environment, and our community is at the heart of what we do. Here are some of the ways we make sure we stick to our promise.


Measurement & Assessment

A proud member of the Outdoor Industry Alliance (OIA) and the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), Sunday Afternoons is actively working on a sustainability roadmap to measure progress and assess opportunities related to our supply chain, materials, and practices.

Responsible Design

100% Post-consumer Recycled Fabrics

Choose from six styles in our collection currently made from 100% recycled polyester main body fabrics. Our recycled polyester is sourced from post-consumer, recycled material made from plastic bottles. As it turns out, the same containers that hold your favorite sports drink can end up as one of the main ingredients in your favorite hat! Align your values with your headwear when you purchase the Aerial, Eclipse, Aero, Impulse, Kids’ Impulse, or Infant Sunsprout hats.

bluesign® Certified Fabrics

In an effort to reduce our impact, we’ve joined manufacturers all over the world committed to doing better. Whenever possible, we source fabrics from bluesign® system partners in the textile supply chain to comply with strict environmental standards to improve the environmental impact of the fabrics we use. These standards are based on five principles including resource productivity, consumer safety, water emission, air emission, and occupational health and safety. Rather than testing finished products, rigorous bluesign® testing is applied at the onset of production, minimizing risk to consumers and the environment long before our hats are manufactured. To learn more about bluesign®, visit their website.

OEKO-TEX® Certification

Within our supply chain, our mills source many of their materials and fabrics with OEKO-TEX®, an internationally recognized association for research and testing in the field of textile and leather ecology. By aligning Sunday Afternoons with their rigid code of ethics, we are able to assure our customers that the purchases they make adhere to fair, honest, and socially responsible practices from start to finish. To learn more about this valuable collaboration, visit the OEKO-TEX® website.

Supplier Partnerships

Sunday Afternoons is committed to a safe, fair and healthy working environment for all employees and our factory workers alike. With supplier partnerships across Asia and Mexico, we have been actively implementing code of conduct agreements, regularly scheduled third-party audits, and required compliance with the OIA Fair Labor Code of Conduct.

What More Could You Ask For?

A lifetime guarantee? We’ve got you covered. We stand behind our hats for as long as you stand under them. Materials and workmanship are guaranteed for life. Our Promise is built into every product we make.