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FREE SHIPPING | $60 Minimum Order

We've Got You Covered!

Sun hats and accessories for your adventures.

Do you like to go outside? So do we! For the last 25 years, Sunday Afternoons has been crafting the perfect hats for everything you do under the sun. Good looks are important, of course, but sun protection is a must! Luckily, with our hats, you don’t have to choose, because every sun hat we make features a UPF 50+ Sun Rating. You can check out all of our 90+ sun hats, but we've narrowed it down here to some of our most popular styles to help you find your perfect sunny day experience.

Women's and Men's

Ultra Adventure Hat

It’s the heir of our iconic Adventure Hat! The sun-shielding neck cape protects that spot you always forget to slather with sunscreen, and the wide brim covers face and ears. We hear a lot about how super lightweight and ventilated the Ultra is, perfect for keeping all-day adventurers, like our brand ambassadors Yogaslackers over there, cool, covered, and comfy. Our nifty Sunglass Lock™ holds shades for you when you’re not wearing them. The neck cape also allows you to wear it comfortably with backpacks and while driving—no back brim to get in the way.

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Charter Hat

This simple silhouette is a classic for a reason—good looking sun coverage! Our Charter is popular with both men and women for its lightweight, breathable, and sweat wicking performance. This one has some fun details, like a stash pocket inside, a brim that allows it to float in water, and our Sunglass Lock™ to hold your shades (that’s our Instagram buddy @Hikeaholic showing us how it’s done over there). Our internal sizing system makes sure it fits you perfectly.

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Havana Hat

Dress it up, dress it down—here’s the dapper fedora for both men and women! Dr. Oz’s The Good Life magazine recommends our Havana for how the wide brim perfectly shades your face. The breathable paper/polyester blend and internal sweatband help you maintain a refined sense of cool. Pack it up carefully for travel, and it’ll give you instant Instagram style, just like our fans @WorkingWayfarers!

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Sunset Hat

Yeehaw! Women love the Sunset’s kicky personality combined with UPF 50+ sun protection. The shapeable brim rolls up for more cowgirl, rolls down for extra sun coverage. Breathable fabric construction mimics the look of straw, but packs up carefree in your luggage and lasts for years of happy trails. Perfect for camping, beachcombing, horseback riding, or wherever your adventurous heart takes you.

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Sun Tripper Cap

Our popular cadet-style Sun Tripper offers a slightly different profile than your average ball cap, plus lots of bells and whistles. It’s lightweight, breathable, ventilated, and UPF 50+ sun rated, making playing outdoors that much more fun. The brim folds in half to stow away anywhere and the Sunglass Lock™ keeps your shades handy. We’ve got several colorways for both men and women, and if you want to outfit the whole family, check out our Kids’ version too!

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Sundancer Hat

Ladies, we’ve taken our popular Adventure Hat and given it a flattering and feminine touch for everything you do outside. The pleated neck cape, wide brim, and UPF 50+ sun rated fabric shield delicate skin from harsh rays. We’ve even added a ponytail opening for a comfortable fit when your hair’s back. With an array of colors, you’ll wear it in the garden, to the farmers’ market, and strolling around town.

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Journey Cap

It looks like your classic ball cap, but the Journey is built for warm weather performance. This cap features some of our newest fabrics: super lightweight, sweat wicking, and, of course, UPF 50+ sun protection. Because the best sun hat is the one you’ll wear all day, we designed the Journey to be as comfortable as possible with a soft internal sweatband and stretchy adjustable sizing so you can dial in your fit.

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Lanai Hat

Close your eyes. Imagine, if you will, a beach hat. Chances are that hat looked a lot like our Lanai. Lightweight and breathable, perfect sun coverage with UPF 50+ protection, internal sizing and sweatband for hot day comfort, shapeable brim for custom style, easy packability—all the things a sun hat should be. And if you really want to maximize the cute factor, get your daughter a matching Lily Hat!

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Derma Safe Hat

When you need the ultimate in sun protection, the only hat for the job is our Derma Safe—designed for the fair skinned and those who’ve had sun-related medical concerns. But providing some shade isn’t nearly enough! To prevent Sauna-Hat Syndrome (SHS), it’s lightweight, breathable, and we’ve added handy-dandy Convertible Ventilation™ panels to flip up when the going gets hot. So never fear—the Derma Safe is here! And now you can get out and enjoy the day.

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Kids' Clear Creek Boonie

Over the river and through the woods, kids love to tromp around and explore! Our Kids’ Clear Creek Boonie lets them do just that, safely and adorably. UPF 50+ sun protection for all-day fun, our SmartStrap™ chinstrap detail that breaks away when tugged, and water-resistant fabric that comes clean after mud splashes. The reversible design gives kids two wearable options and it pops out of backpacks ready for action. Check it out on Instagram friend @meghanjward’s little one!

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Kids' Play Hat

Here it is, our #1 bestselling sun hat! Sun safety for days—in cute colors and prints!—that stands up to rough-and-tumble play. Since kids rarely sit still, we added ventilation panels to let the heat escape. Our SmartStrap™ chinstrap holds the hat when needed and snaps free when given a pull. For the little ones, the hat’s soft neck cape works great for strollers since there’s no back brim to cause discomfort.

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Kids' Fun Bucket

The kids’ simple sun essential! This classic profile is kid-proof and fancy-free: crushable, water/stain resistant, breathable, ventilated. Our SmartStrap™ chinstrap makes sure it doesn’t blow away in a stiff breeze, but the strap won’t hold onto kiddos if it gets snagged. The foam-core brim even floats if it takes a dive in the duck pond!

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Don't Forget Your Sun Accessories

We talk a lot about not forgetting your hat, but when it comes to sun protection, there are many places to cover if you want to stay outside all day. Because, let’s be honest—sunscreen, while helpful and important, is messy, inconvenient, and generally unfun. So we’ve come up with several options to help you enjoy the outdoors.