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Straw / Woven Hats

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Men’s Straw and Woven Hats

Capture that sought after summer shade with one of our wide brimmed straw hats for men at Sunday Afternoons. Within our men’s straw hats category you with find a variety of great looking casual straw hat styles, great for a round of golf, a stroll around town, or a dressed up occasion. And since every wide brimmed straw hat we carry features a UPF 50+ sun protection, staying out of the sun is easy. Straw hats are created using several different fibers to capture a variety of different looks, textures, colors, and stiffness. Within our Straw Hats for Men category, you might find straw hats made from toyo (paper), toquilla, seagrass, raffia, palm, etc. Each fiber has its own strengths, but on thing remains the same, every hat carries the highest possible Ultraviolet Protection Factor of UPF 50+.

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